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Indian Weddings are filled with traditions and sentiments, and an Indian wedding trousseau could perfectly portray the gesture behind it. Weddings in India are filled with ceremonial rituals like sangeet, bhet, haldi, mehndi, charath, barati, kaleera , jaimala, maang bharna, saat phere, kanya dan, and vidai. Along with these rituals there comes a very important and an inevitable part of the wedding, the trousseau and the wedding favors. Trousseau decoration has evolved with time and become more magnificent. Wedding Trousseau now a days present how lavish and sumptuous your wedding is. Wedding trousseau undeniably goes unnoticed if it is not presented or packed in a pleasing style.

Assortio Indore offers many different trousseau packing methods and designs to create an edge over others. Wedding packing done by Assortio Indore is exclusive. Whether you are packing your own trousseau or for your best friend, Assortio Indore is the best place to get it done. A Indian bridal trousseau ideally includes clothing, accessories, jewellery, bed linens, lingerie, makeup and even bath towels.Assortio Indore takes care of theme based packing to varied exclusive packings for your special occasion.

Bridal trousseau is carried differently in different religions. At times wedding trousseau is put on show, hence attractive trousseau packaging and decoration is a great idea and enhances the look of the trousseau. So goes with the wedding favors or gifts. Gifts and trousseau packing have always been a fundamental part of the wedding culture. Thus Assortio Indore believes in providing its clients the best decorative packing for the bridal trousseau. A bride may not have the most expensive saree or lehenga but if it is presented and packed in an attractive manner, it surely makes a difference.


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